wohnzimmer farbe pinterest

wohnzimmer farbe pinterest

undoubtedly living room is the place where you will spend most of your time with your family. to create pleasing atmosphere, sometimes people like to do some improvement to their small living room. if you are one of them, then this article will probably help you in realizing your plans. this is 5 ways how to improve your small living room dã©cor by simphome.com 1.

natural finished living room this idea will also offer you how to feel wider space in your small-sized living room. apply a couple of narrow windows with sliding doors to give you any panoramic water views. add a fireplace in the middle of the room to complete the room. to make the space feel wilder, building bookshelves is also recommended.

2. drum coffee tables tables for coffee are not always rectangle-shaped. you can adapt the african style in maximizing drums as a tale. place as many drum tables as you like in front of your sofa while you are watching television. use drum as your coffee tables to ease you in moving and placing it anywhere you like

than using common coffee table. avoid any knee or toe accident by using this kind of table. 3. apply bright and dark colors sometimes you can have meaningful improvement by just maximizing the color of your wall. create a clean-lined and sophisticated backdrop by painting your walls with black color.

its simplicity will bring you the nuance of new york apartment nuance. to add the dramatic feel, put a giant chessboard on the table to support the dark concept with its black and white color. add also a white and plain bookshelf with black-colored book cover as the complement. 4. yellow wall with artworks

you can also use artworks to improve your living room. the point is display it strategically. well placed artworks will help you in creating the atmosphere. place the artworks wisely on the wall and make sure you do not find any space left. of course you need to start with the yellow-painted wall, and so do with the rest.

try to use yellow color for every main element like curtain, rug and the couch. 5. wild concept living room you can absolutely go wild with this idea. adapting jungle style, you will need more green colors than before. paint the wall with light green color then add some green-colored bookshelves

in the room. while the green and light yellow couches strengthen the jungle charm, you can use pink and green-colored curtains as the complement. to make it looks wilder. just it, that’s 5 ways how to improve your small living room interior dã©cor. come back again next time with more home,

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